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  1. gpern83
    Should be workin
  2. scott frisch
    scott frisch
    Do you have any way to track the release of the forms on the scanning device/s
    1. Brad Horn
      Brad Horn
      With our TracerPlus publisher version you can track releases. Sorry for the delayed response.
      May 25, 2017
  3. Brad Horn
    Brad Horn
    Is anyone else getting excited about 10.0?
  4. Ajbaldino
    I have a question about formatting XML for an email message.
  5. Ray Cote
    Ray Cote Dan Peluso
    Hey Dan say i wanted to put all fields back to the database from a RFID Tag Writer App how would it know which row to write to? (Sorry my dbase days are way behind me) Thanks
    1. Dan Peluso
      Dan Peluso
      Hi Ray,
      I am not sure what you mean? Can you clarify how you want the data to move point to point.
      May 25, 2017
  6. Oliver Van Exem
    Oliver Van Exem
    still enjoying all new features of version 9.0 !!!
  7. Jeff Benefiel
    Jeff Benefiel
    New to TracerPlus, 20 year IT jack of all trades techie
  8. Mphiliso
    All things are possible
  9. TextileGuy
  10. Productivix
    Mobile professionnal key-in applications - France
  11. Lamberto Go Jr.
    Lamberto Go Jr. Joseph Kraebel
    Hi Joseph, Have you receive my emails lately? I changed the script and modify the conditions in it and it changes the file size to 2-3MB. I need your urgent assistance.
  12. Joseph Kraebel
    Joseph Kraebel
    Mobile Solutions Architect