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how can upload images from pda to server

Discussion in 'TracerPlus Connect' started by BaoCo, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. BaoCo

    BaoCo New Member

    I already setting the field type = image
    At Traceplus Connect setting Binary File Path.
    But I just received the data, the images file was not upload to my server!
    Please advices, thanks so much
  2. Howard Heckman III

    Howard Heckman III Administrator Staff Member


    There are a couple of things you should check.

    - Make sure the data type for the field mapped in TracerPlus Connect as the source is set to some type of string/text field. In SQL Server an nvarchar field is fine. If it is set to a Blob or Binary type field the image will be posted directly to this field. If it is a string/text type field the filename will be posted to the field and the image will be written to disk.

    - Take a look in the TracerPlus Connect log immediately after the sync. It should record any errors in transferring, or writing the images to the destination folder. You can fine the log file here: C:\ProgramData\PTS\TracerPlus Connect\SystemInfo\System\tpc_eventlog.txt

    Let us know if this helps.

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