Making Printers Project Specific and printer reports Session Specific

Managing printers is very tedious the way it is presently done.

It would simplify things if the printer Connection preferences were a Project setting. Then these printer settings would only have to be setup once.

The selecting of the report would be stay as it is as a session setting.

With the Printer and Reports settings locked together you can easily create a situation where you need 15 or 20 different print buttons to take care of all the possibilities.

Dan Peluso

Staff member
I agree with this (I think). I did want to clarify what you are running up against though.

It sounds like you are trying to set up multiple reports *or* multiple conditions on when you might print a report.

Since the only real difference in my assumption is something like the condition of *when* to print the report, you find yourself creating multiple reports and having to manually recreate/copy the config settings from some previous report and only altering the condition or some other variable.

If that is the case, your suggestion makes a ton of sense. In the past, we basically had 1 printer and 1 report available per session. When we expanded this feature, our intention was to allow different reports for different physical printers you might need to use; a receipt printer for a customer invoice but a completely different printer/report for a price change label (as an example).

I think once Print conditions were introduced, this printer/report relationship model does not work as well.

I have added a design feature request to have us look at this. Thanks for pointing it out.
Yes this is essentially the problem. We now have 5 printers and up to 3 reports in a session. This requires 5x3=15 print configuration. I only seeing this issue continuing to grow. The Manage Reports part of the software starts to have issues once you have more than 10 reports.