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    Form Designer button sofkeys

    I am also still trying to get softkeys to work on MC9500. Do i need to configure anything within the OS? The buttons are just not reacting although i defined them on my form.
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    Search function

    I can not find the right way to mabe a text search in a field. I have the database "cutomers". I am able to search within the grid view. But how can i find names which are not 100% like the ones on the customers database? search for "shan" shall find existing name "Shannahan". The grid view has...
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    Softkeys on MC9500

    I am having trouble to assign the Motorola MC9500 softkeys (green, F1-F2-F2-red) to buttons in Tracerplus sessios. I assume a button gets the a "hot key" defined and performs the difined "button action" George