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  1. Brad Horn

    TracerPlus 10.2 with PC Support Beta Now Publicly Available.

    To get started developing TracerPlus PC Apps or using the PC engine as an emulator - .
  2. Brad Horn

    New NFC Starter App on Play Store Get started scanning NFC badges, tags, ID plates or anything else that has a NFC id attached to it. This app will allow the user to quickly enter items into an item list and then look up those items in the...
  3. Brad Horn

    TracerPlus 10.0 Users Tell Us What You Think Via Google Play

    The PTS team is always seeking honest feedback from our users so we can improve our product. We also encourage our users to share TracerPlus with their co-workers, former co-workers and anyone else who could benefit .
  4. Brad Horn

    TracerPlus 10.0 Perpetual License Pricing Update and Subscription Pricing Introduced
  5. Brad Horn

    White Paper - AER Bumper Tracking
  6. Brad Horn

    How to resolve Win10 / Windows Mobile Device Center Failures
  7. Brad Horn


    Ray, Thanks for the question. PTS does actually integrate into UGrok It .. at least I believe it is in version 8.0 and it may be in 9.0? Unfortunately UGrokit never got the traction we / they anticipated because the offerings for devices to connect to the sled were not the best. On a more...
  8. Brad Horn

    Mobile Inspection App Created in 30 Minutes - YouTube Video
  9. Brad Horn

    New TracerPlus 10.0 Site Now is Live

    Our new site is now live and 10.0 is available for trial.
  10. Brad Horn

    Conference Improves Attendee Flow, Meal Planning via RFID with TracerPlus and ClearStream
  11. Brad Horn

    Kristin is hosting a great webinar for TracerPlus users.
  12. Brad Horn

    Promo - PTS TC20 Developer Kit - 10.0 Licenses / Training and more!

    We just released a TracerPlus Developer Kit with some crazy Holiday Pricing.
  13. Brad Horn

    Upcoming Training Event in NY

    We hope you can assist us and complete the below survey regarding an upcoming TracerPlus 10 training event. It should take one minute to complete Sincerely, The PTS Team
  14. Brad Horn

    TracerPlus Puts Bike Lane in the Fast Lane with RFID
  15. Brad Horn

    If you are confused by all of the RFID Lingo you will like this webinar