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    field not retaining data

    Hi, It is hard to say what might be happening but at a first glance, I would zoom in on the Refresh in form logic idea. If you set a field to refresh and the default value is blank, this would likely clear the field (depending on some other settings but generally so). As a test, you could try...
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    Add Qty

    Hi, I am not sure what might be causing that but it may make sense to create a ticket with our support group. This is accessible via under the Support section.
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    Add Qty

    As part of the lookup definition, you would use the Update Source option to write back the SUM value of the previous total quantity and the newly added/entered qty. In the Lookup settings tab, there is the option to Update Source and Append if not found. Both of these options would need to be...
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    Add Qty

    Ahh ok. So that is a wrinkle in my suggestion. The other thing I recommend for this type of scenario is to use calc fields and lookups to allow for either qty 1 or some other qty. In that case, you would be using a seperate session to maintain the counts. A summarized description of this is...
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    Add Qty

    Hi, That type of solution might be a good fit for the AutoFind Feature turned ON for the barcode field and then something along the lines of an increment VARIABLE field for the qty. The AutoFind setting is in the After Scan field settings and the Increment Variable field can be configured by...
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    LIVE Sync profile with Microsoft SQL Server will not allow mappings

    Hi, I don't think you need to do anything special but the log may indicate if there is some user/privilege issue requring use of the dbo string in the schema name. You can see the log via the View-->Event log menu option. Is there a reason you cannot specify dbo for your schema name?
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    Live Lookups against SQL Database

    Hi, I believe you also asked about this via our support channel. For the benefit of the group here, I will answer here as well. When you set up a live session in TracerPlus to connect to a data table in TracerPlus Connect, there is not much you need to do on the TP Desktop side aside from...
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    Hi, Yes. You can set the force uppercase property in the Form Designer for the given control on the form. Let me know if that helps.
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    back button

    Hi, Sorry this is so late in reply. Unfortunately, we use the "-1" attribute for Control IDs to indicate disabled/not configured. Honestly, I can't think of a way to do this but do like the feature idea so I am going to promote it as a feature request for a future version. Thanks. I...
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    Form Logic and ShowMessage problem

    Hi, I feel like the best way to do this would involve the actual validation settings themselves. There is a setting in the Field Validation area called "Goto Field on Error". Settings this should set focus to whichever field you assign regardless of which field caused the validation error to...
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    ERROR DURING DEPLOY: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Thanks. I was able to replicate part of what you were seeing so I will write that up as a bug to address for a later release. What I was able to reproduce was the JIT Exception. Since I was getting this exception on anything I touched on teh form, what I did was immediately save the project...
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    Form Logic and Lookups

    Hi, TracerPlus is likely doing the defined lookups first and then firing off the ExecuteSQL. Some of this will be dictated by which event is firing the ExecuteSQL but that is my bet. Why they are not firing consistently is not as clear. Lookups generally fire based on the defined "Trigger...
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    auto refresh

    Hi, I don't think auto-refresh would work for what you want to do but I would like some clarification. When you say the users leave and go to the View Data form, do you mean they are exiting the Entry form and going to the View Data form with the default data grid and the delete/edit/new...
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    ERROR DURING DEPLOY: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Hmm. I am sorry you experienced that. If you can duplicate the steps, we would love to hear about it and then hopefully be able to find and fix it. The JITDebugging wont be very useful for you but I wonder if you can just click "Continue" to allow you to keep moving forward in TP Desktop.
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    Checkbox Afterscan

    I am not sure afterscan on a checkbox would make sense as something to use in Form Logic. While I think it could work, it would be unusual in that you would need to be 'focused' on the checkbox and then 'tab' out of it which is not really a natural event on a mobile device. A better option for...
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    Pull/Export Program off Mobile Device for Import into Desktop

    Hi, This is a reasonable request and we actually had support for this when we first developed TracerPlus Desktop. Over time, it became less popular and harder to maintain between versions so we disabled it. This does basically come up for review to re-enable this but it is not currently...
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    Control ID/Index ID Dictionary

    Yes!!!. We are working on some improvements in this area; one of which is to allow naming of controls to make it easier to identify. Allowing a full viewable list of current IDs is a good one also.
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    Use of Markup to Format Popups and Messages

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree. I will add to our features request list. Also...In case you didn't know. You can create custom dialogs with custom text via Form Logic as well. This doesn't allow for markup either but figured I would mention it.
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    Live session connect slow

    Hi, If you have an active support agreement with us, you could send over the log info. Two other things to consider. 1. What is the data source for your 12k skus? If it is something like Excel and/or Text, the responses may be significantly slower than if you were using a typical ODBC data...
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    View Data toolbar

    Hi, This is not currently possible but I have added it as a feature request. I agree this could be useful. On a side note, you can configure password prompting to block people from performing some of these actions when they shouldn't. This setting is available via the TracerPlus Project...