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    field not retaining data

    Thanks Dan - It appears to have turned out that in the Form Logic, the Action Controls (by ID) column didn't match the Event Control for the field. What was going on was that the Action Controls setting (33) for that second-to-last field which was malfunctioning was also assigned to the...
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    field not retaining data

    The second-to-last field in a session form (field control id 33) isn't retaining data. What happens when we complete the final field (which is the auto-submit), the error says to re-scan 33, with focus set to that control. This session is not atypical from any of our others where the final...
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    auto refresh

    We have some sessions with at least one field where scanned data is the same for all records, depending on a couple things (like workdate, batch number, etc). Typically, the last field on the form is the variable one for successive scans (i.e. the goto field is itself). Our forms have a View...
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    View Data toolbar

    Is there a way to change the layout of the toolbar above the data view screen? Specifically - the delete ALL and delete Selected buttons are side-by-side, and it seems too easy to hit the wrong one...
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    Sync single session

    We have a project with 5 different sessions. On the data collection form of each session, there's a "doSync" button. When this button is pressed, data from all 5 sessions is sync'd to the destination. Is there a way to make it so that the sync is only for the open session?
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    back button

    Dear TP community - Want to implement a "back" button on form and wondering if this is the right way to go. Controls are arrayed vertically on form in desired order of data collection. Control IDs appear to be auto-assigned in no particular order (e.g. first one on form = "25"). Users often...
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    form error

    Dear TP community - I have a few problems with behavior of a form. 1. The form consists of 3 fields CODE, TRAY, ITEM. The first 2 goto fields are the next one. For ITEM, it's TRAY (the thing is supposed to write records of CODE+TRAY+ITEM (where CODE is always the same)). When data is scanned...
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    Goto field not working

    Many thanks Howard ! - it's in DataWedge > Profiles > Basic Data Formatting > Send ENTER key p.s. there's 3 profiles in DW: ProfileO (default), Launcher, and DWDemo. I changed the setting in all 3, although am thinking only had to do so in ProfileO best - pat o'b
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    Goto field not working

    Dear folks - This seems pretty basic, but the goto field setting isn't working. Even though scanned data populates the form, you have to press the ENTER key to advance to the next field. What am I missing?