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    Add Qty

    I am a very happy TracerPlus user and have built a dozen apps with it. I am however having issues with figuring out the way for my next app. We are looking for a way to scan a part no and qty and have the app total the qty for all the part no's individually. So I might scan 20 barcodes, 5...
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    Form Logic - Play Sound

    I see there is a way to play a custom sound in form logic, can you give some guidance? My app is designed where the user scans a barcode, it retrieves a description and a UOM and then they scan a qty barcode. I would like to have a custom wav file so they know when they are ready for the qty...
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    Is there a way to set up a field to auto capitalize text?
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    Inventory count app

    Looking for recommendations on the best way to create an app where the user can scan an item barcode then a qty barcode, of several items, but when they scan an item they have already scanned, the qty gets added to the existing qty.
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    Live Dropdown Data

    I know you can link a dropdown to a database, but is there a way to make it where it updates live. For example I have an app that allows users to create maintenance tickets and would like another app for the maintenance department to be able to use a dropdown to select which ticket that are...
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    Ticket Numer

    I am creating an app to submit maintenance requests. I would like it to be able to pull the last ticket number from an SQL db and add 1 to it. Basically be incremental bu be based off the last ticket # in the database.
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    Is there an option to be able to approve or deny a submit on validation. For example if I what it to flag a scan of qty over 100, is there a way for the user to be able to approve the qty or deny it and re-scan the qty?
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    Scanned data

    I am attempting to create an inventory app that pulls live data (item description and base unit) from a MS SQL database. I have successfully done that, but the users would like the ability to see what they have scanned. The view data, shows all the items as it pulled them from the live sync...