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  1. Andrew S

    Grouping Controls in Form Designer

    It would be great to have a "Control Group" field for controls in the form designer that have visibility-related fields (visible, foreground/background colors, fonts etc.). That way it would be very simple to manage multiple fields simultaneously using Form Logic. Currently I have a project...
  2. Andrew S

    Additional logging/diagnostics on Mobile client

    I have 8 CipherLab 9700 guns running TracerPlus 9.5 on Windows Embedded 6.5 Pro. My application runs fine on 6 of the 8 guns but appears to crash on the remaining 2 during startup. The app starts running and I see the screen (or at least part of it) but then it shuts down almost instantly. I've...
  3. Andrew S

    V10 Desktop alongside V9.5?

    Hello. I'd like to look at V10 but I don't want to mess up my V9.5 install. Does the V10 installer coexist with V9.5 or does it upgrade it? Also, are there any release notes for V10 so that I can see what changes there are compared toV 9.5? Thanks, Andrew.
  4. Andrew S

    Submit event not firing in Read-Only session

    I have a read-only session that's just checking a database for certain values. It's not possible to set an OnSubmit event in Form Logic because it appears that the event isn't firing when the user submits the data. The only workaround I've been able to come up with is to use a LostFocus event...
  5. Andrew S

    Switching between sessions

    Is it possible to "GoTo" a different session? I have an application that's capturing time data. It has fairly complex functionality including some SmartForm rules and a bunch of Form Logic. The system clocks people in and out of tasks and works correctly. I'd like to add a feature whereby the...
  6. Andrew S

    Form Logic - Comments field

    It would be great to have row-level comments for Form Logic. They can get quite complex so being able to identify what they're doing using free-text would be useful.
  7. Andrew S

    Designating active tab at application start

    I have two tabs in my project and I want the application to start with the first tab active, but it always starts with the second tab active. How do I select which tab is active when the app starts?
  8. Andrew S

    Pop up field doesn't respect visible attribute

    I have a field that I want to display only sometimes. When it displays I'd like to use the Pop up feature. My testing shows that even if I set it to visible=false the popup still displays. I would expect it to respect the state of the visible attribute. Is there a workaround to this?
  9. Andrew S

    Go To Field and visible=false

    I have a field (a) that's displayed sometimes. The previous field (b) has a 'go to field' of field (a). Field (a) has a 'go to field' of field (c). This is fine when field (a) is displayed (so the cursor moves to (a) then (b) then (c) and then back to (a)). However, if field (b) is set to...
  10. Andrew S

    Validation and Visible=False fields

    I'm finding that even if a field is not visible it still has to conform to validation rules. This causes a problem when fields need to be validated when visible but ignored when not visible. Is this the expected behavior? I'd expect that visible=false fields would not be validated. If this is...
  11. Andrew S

    SetVisible in Form Logic

    Is anyone having trouble with the SetVisible action in Form Logic in 9.1? I have a condition that I've proven is working correctly (by setting the action to ShowMessage) but when I change the action to SetVisible I can't get it to work. The field that's trying to be set to Visible=True is...
  12. Andrew S

    Posting to different field on subsequent scan

    I have an application that needs to do a scan at the beginning of the activity and another scan at the end. We need to capture the start/stop datetime as a single record. Is this currently possible with TP?
  13. Andrew S

    Information box popping up on client

    A TracerPlus Connect "Information" box has started popping up on my client. How do I stop this from happening? The box is similar to the splash screen that's displayed when TP starts. Thanks.
  14. Andrew S

    Validating a substring

    I'm trying to ensure that only codes that start with a particular letter are scanned in. For instance I have an "employee" field that I want to ensure only receives barcodes that start with "E". I know that I can validate for string length and I can validate against a field, but I can't find a...
  15. Andrew S

    Aligning text in a Field

    I'm trying to center-align text in a regular text field. I know that I can align the text field but I need to align the text within it because the text is variable and looks odd when not center-aligned. Is this possible? Thanks, Andrew.