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  1. Jeff Benefiel

    Event Log - Size Limit

    Is there a size limit put in place for the Event Log file? I am using Verbose logging and when the file reaches 1MB it stops recording more entries in the file. Now, I am running not running the latest Connect software, only version Would updating the software clear this issue or...
  2. Jeff Benefiel

    Custom Launcher, Icon (BMP) Placement

    TC700H w/ Android 4.4.1 Can Android use custom icons in the custom launcher? If so, where? In the TracerPlus Desktop User Guide it states to place them in "\My Documents\TracerPlus9\SystemInfo\Skins" folder. There was no such folder in our Android device. So I created it and placed the icon...
  3. Jeff Benefiel

    Grid Control Scrollable

    Is there a way to allow the Grid to be scrollable on an Android device?
  4. Jeff Benefiel

    Form Design

    1. Button behavior/action GotoPage, what is entered in the GotoPage field to change to that page? a. The tab name b. A number corresponding to the tab 2. Form Logic, Action GotoPage, what is entered in the Action Value? 3. Grid and Tab, can the data grid be placed on a tab different from...