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    TP Connect process stops

    As I am sure you agree, I don't love either of these solutions for you. Since TP Connect does have some startup overhead directly related to the database size, I do feel like the 2nd option might be the better approach. Using this approach, I wonder if you couldn't use some kind of trigger on...
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    Milliseconds in DateTime field

    There could be a couple of different format settings to allow this depending on your version of Android. A lower case 'l' (L) seems to do the trick for me. I have also seen specifications for 'sss' and 'fff' but those did not appear to work for me. So something like "hh:mm:ss.l" as a...
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    Source Filtering

    Hi, This is a great question/approach but I don't think you can do this but I want to explore why you want to do this. I am guessing that you want to initiate a specific sync PROCESS via button click. Since the DoSync button action is specific to a PROFILE, this would not work. The best...
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    Looking for some help

    Hi, As you know, RFID has a benefit over barcode scanning by being able to read everything in an area without line of sight. This can be a negative as well, of course. Within TracerPlus, we do offer the ability to control the power of the reader so that it can be fine tuned for scenarios like...
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    TP Connect process stops

    Hi, I imagine a larger database size could be reflected in a larger TPConnect footprint during the time of sync (depending on your settings) but it should definitely be releasing. Even so, I am not sure if that should even show that much increase in memory. If the backend database is SQL...
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    TP Connect process stops

    Hi, That error may be expected behavior and just a poor choice of error level which causes it to post as a critical error. Basically, that error comes up the first time when loading a sync process if that data source has not been seen before and it indicates it just needs to be loaded because...
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    TP Connect process stops

    Hi, If you have an active support agreement, I would recommend creating a support ticket with us. This way, we can take a more specific look into your configuration, etc
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    TP Connect process stops

    Hi, OK. So that is the latest public release of TracerPlus so an upgrade suggestion would not make sense. I don't have any reports of this as an issue. I wonder a few things. 1. Could the VM environment be the culprit? I wouldn't think so and we have a ton of customers using this setup so...
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    TP Connect process stops

    Hi, This is not a known issue so I would be curious on a couple of things. 1. What version of TP Connect and TracerPlus on the mobile device are you using? 2. How many and what are the sync processes syncing to/from? Also, what type of data? As I mentioned, I don't think this is a known...
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    On-screen key board displayed in session

    Hi, Sorry for the delayed response. I think the previous user meant using the Form Designer in TracerPlus Desktop to literally move the fields further up the screen. I am not familiar with the original issue to know if this has been addressed by Zebra or not but wanted to clarify what the...
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    Sync data by cellular network

    Hi, Yes this is possible and relatively common for our customers. Depending on your network architecture and your specific role, this may require some IT assistance in configuration. The basic idea is that you would use the "outside" facing IP address assigned by your internet provider for...
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    NFC tag identification (UID)

    Hi, This should be as simple as enabling NFC reading in your TracerPlus Desktop project. This setting is available in the Projects-->Session-->Data Capture area of your project. Of course, this all requires that your mobile device is able to capture NFC tags. TracerPlus supports this option...
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    UID of NFC card

    Hola, Esto debería ser tan simple como habilitar la lectura NFC en su proyecto de TracerPlus Desktop. Esta configuración está disponible en el área Project--->Session-> Data Capture de su proyecto. Por supuesto, todo esto requiere que su dispositivo móvil sea capaz de capturar etiquetas NFC...
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    Live Lookups against SQL Database

    This should be possible in either live mode or a batch mode grid. As a first step, I always recommend setting up the Scan Session and the source lookup session as both batch files with some test data. Once that is confirmed as working, you can simply turn ON the live mode for each session as...
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    live sync double posting.

    Hi, That seems a reasonable solution. In the meantime, I have logged a tech request/bug to investigate if this is an open/known/new issue. Thanks for the reply.
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    live sync double posting.

    Hi, I just want to confirm that you are indicating clicking submit multiple times before the live sync posts is sending multiple submits of the same data. I would not expect that only because once the submit happens, it should block on any new input until the submit happens. I wonder if there...
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    ERROR DURING DEPLOY: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Yikes. I am so sorry this happened again. I still don't have a good answer on why this would be happening. When I was able to reproduce it, I was able to tie it to the undo (maybe). I wasn't quite sure it was related to Undo but seemed that it was at least on some level.
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    Change Field Settings of Multiple Fields at Once,

    Hi, Unfortunately, there is no way to do that. You would need to do them one at a time. That would be a nice feature but the way the UI is setup would make it kind of tough to add as an option.
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    field not retaining data

    Great news. I am glad you were able to resolve it.
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    field not retaining data

    Hi, It is hard to say what might be happening but at a first glance, I would zoom in on the Refresh in form logic idea. If you set a field to refresh and the default value is blank, this would likely clear the field (depending on some other settings but generally so). As a test, you could try...