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    remote users

    I would like to install my program on a cell phone in Mexico but I dont have access to it how can I install it? (with license)
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    Hardware Compatibility

    Has anyone used TP with Invengo XC-AB700 UHF RFID Handheld Reader? Windows mobile Embedded 6.5
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    Corrupt User memory

    Hi we are utilizing RFID on one our production lines and use approx 25,000 alien 9710's a week, we have been getting tags that have misc characters in the User memory area and we also get multiple EPC's from the same tag (done in a clean room). We have used 450,000 rfid tags so far & have gotten...
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    Forum suggestion

    This forum isn't getting off the ground because there is no forum mod interaction, I have been logging in every day to see if my question is answered but nothing, many views but no response. I have purchased 4 lic a yr ago but never got around to implement, so the community forum is all I have...
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    How do get the unique NFC tag id (UID) to display in the TP app? LIke the EPC in UHF.