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    no validation on blank text field

    I have two page session. On page 0 I have username as a text field and a next button that goes to page 1. Page 1 collects additional info, has the submit button, as well as a 'back' button that goes back to page 0. I have set the goto control ID of the submit button to stay on page 1 after a...
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    SQL Server money data type is synced over with 4 decimal places bug?

    Hi, I created an ODBC data source for a SQL Server 2014 database and using Connect to sync. The SQL Server column type is 'money'. When Connect syncs over the data it seems to do so to 4 decimal places in the session data. Ex. the value in SQL Server shows '10.99' and when I view the session...
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    image control: how show image from device? how sync images?

    Hi, I'm new to TracerPlus, learning it, and like it so far. I have watched all the training videos and read the documentation. Device is windows mobile MC3200. I set the 'SourceField' for the image control to a calculated field which contains the file path to the image I want to show: \My...