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    TracerPlus 10.5 Release Notes (9/22/2022)

    TracerPlus Scan-to-Pair - Allows Bluetooth peripheral scanners (such as the Zebra CS60) to pair by and connect by a simple barcode scan (iOS only). Scan-to-Sync - A synchronization with TracerPlus Connect can now be done by a simple barcode scan. Simplifies deployment, no longer is an IP...
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    TracerPlus 10.4 Release Notes (7/2/2021)

    10.4.0 Build 1998 - Initial Release - (7/9/2021) TracerPlus Added support for all the latest Zebra RFID scanners. New configuration options for many Zebra barcode settings, including: symbology settings, and reader parameters. URLs can now be opened via a button action on Android devices...
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    Windows Mobile and CE versions of TracerPlus are End of Life. Extended life support contracts are required beginning 1/1/2021

    Overview PTS strives to extend TracerPlus operating system support beyond manufacturer end of development and support dates. While doing this we also consider how the increased cost to support customers on end of life operating systems impacts the cost to support current operating systems...
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    Subtracting two dates

    Hi Beth, The entry for those days of the week (Sunday 3, Monday 2, etc.) would only be done once by you. The users of the device would never need to enter that, it is simply seed data to perform the date calculations correctly. Let me know if this makes sense.
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    Subtracting two dates

    Hi Beth, I have attached a project that should demo what you are trying to accomplish. The one thing you will need to do before it works is add some data to the Wednesday Offset session. This should be as follows: Sunday 3 Monday 2 Tuesday 1 Wednesday 0 Thursday -1 Friday -2 Saturday -3...
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    Updating a record from another session

    Hi Ryan, When mass scanning RFID tags, and you would like to update all of the records as having been scanned you might need to use the 'Record Update Options' in the Advanced section of the session. This causes any data in the session to be updated rather than appended as new, if it finds a...
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    Download of webinar project

    The following demo application does contain some of the functionality you saw in the demo specifically the mass scanning of RFID tags and the geiger counter (tag locating) feature: Also, the following Asset Tracking...
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    Search function

    Hi George, You should be able to perform a soft search by adding the % character to the beginning or the end of the value you are entering. This should return the result you are expecting in the grid view. Let me know if you have any questions on this.
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    Form Designer button sofkeys

    Hello, Typically the Softkey1 is the button on the bottom left hand corner of the devices screen, and the Softkey2 button is the bottom right. Not all devices have these buttons and it depends on the device and OS. Let us know if this helps.
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    Not All Dropdown Values Display

    Hello, It sounds like you might be running in trial mode. The only restriction in trial mode is the amount of data that can be synchronized to both a session and your drop downs. This restriction is lifted once a valid registration code is entered into the software. Let us know if this helps.
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    Goto field not working

    Hello, The most common cause for this not working is that there is no scan suffix setup in the scan wedge application on the device. For most barcode scanners TracerPlus relies on a scan wedge application running in the background that controls the scanner and enters scan data into any field...
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    Mark Checkbox if numbers/character manually entered in a Field?

    Yes, you can do this by adding a Field to your session, then change the FieldType to 'Variable'. Using the 'Variable Options' tab, change the Variable type to 'InputType', and set the Source Field to the field in which you want to detect the data entry method. This should record the data entry...
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    Sample Invoice or POS receipt report

    Hi Bob, I have attached a sample report that accumulates a total for an invoice (quantity * price, then added together for each line item). It does not include the zpl print commands, but that shouldn't matter. The totaling is not done through the print commands but the TracerPlus Report...
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    Mark Checkbox if numbers/character manually entered in a Field?

    Hi Joel, The screenshot I have attached shows how I would set this up. The one important thing to note is that the FieldValueChanged event doesn't fire until the value is committed to the Field. This doesn't happen until focus is lost from the control that has the FieldValueChanged event turned...
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    Mark Checkbox if numbers/character manually entered in a Field?

    Hi Joel, You may need to change the action to be SetValue 'True' rather than click. The Click action is used for buttons on the form and can't be used to change the state of a checkbox. Let us know if this helps.
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    How to format date in a SQL statement?

    Hi Oliver, Is there a reason you need to do this through a SQL call, or can you just use a DateTime field with the appropriate formatting specified in TracerPlus Desktop? You should be able to specify the formats you require using the Format button that appears in the General Field Settings...
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    Not advancing to next field

    Hi Jason, The most likely cause of the go to field not working on a Honeywell device is a Scan Suffix (sometimes called a postamble, or terminator) not being set in the scanner settings on the device. Since TracerPlus does not natively support the scanner on Honeywell devices, it relies on a...
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    Faster Photos

    Hi Russ, This is actually something we have improved for version 10.0. Now when clicking on the Image button, if no image exists, it will bring you directly to the camera. Upon taking a picture and selecting done it will also forward you immediately back to the Entry Form.
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    how can upload images from pda to server

    Hello, There are a couple of things you should check. - Make sure the data type for the field mapped in TracerPlus Connect as the source is set to some type of string/text field. In SQL Server an nvarchar field is fine. If it is set to a Blob or Binary type field the image will be posted...
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    Event Log - Size Limit

    It should be in the version you are running. Maybe try stopping the TracerPlus Connect Windows Service if you are not using it.