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    A native integration to a Ugrokit unit would be a winner. Instead of having to buy a $4000 dollar Motorola device.
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    I have a couple fields in the data base that have to record a "repair" history. I need to retain previous information in the fields and not overwrite it. So I was thinking what is the best way to push the data into the input area off my application so as to add to that info then save it to the...
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    Not updating data

    When I fill out an input form and save it ti doesn't update the data from the database that resides on the device. It makes a new record but it is just a blank line in Data view.
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    Is there a way to put in a larger "field" area for comments? Similar to TP's comment area in Field Settings.
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    Whats the best way to do this.

    hello we manufacture Automotive parts and after full assembly in some instances we cannot identify lot numbers in our parts. This is where RFID comes in. If we have issues with our parts at a Customer location I can obtain production date & serial number from suspect part/assy. Is there anyway I...