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  1. Joseph Kraebel

    TracerPlus 10.6 Release Notes (1/30/2023)

    10.6.0 Build 2109 - Initial Release - (2/6/2023) TracerPlus Adds support for all TSL RFID Barcode and RFID Scanners for use on Android and iOS devices. New/existing sample applications now all sync with the PTS Demo Cloud. Updated to the latest Zebra RFID library to continue support for all...
  2. Joseph Kraebel

    TracerPlus 10.3 Release Notes (2/17/2020)

    10.3.0 Build 1910 - Initial Release - 2/17/2020 New Features Native support added for the Alien ALR-H460 Mobile RFID reader. New Custom Function Action added to Form Logic for advanced configurations using JavaScript. Native support for CipherLab RK95 w/ 1D/2D Extended Range imager...
  3. Joseph Kraebel

    TracerPlus 10.2 Release Notes (10/3/2019)

    10.2.0 Build 1830 - Initial Release - 10/8/2019 New Features TracerPlus client now runs on Windows Based PCs and Tablets. Monthly and yearly Subscription plans now available. User Management dashboard added form managing subscription licenses. BLE Beacon Scanning for reading Bluetooth Beacons...
  4. Joseph Kraebel

    TracerPlus 10.1 Release Notes (3/8/2019)

    10.1.0 Build 1747 - Initial Release - 3/8/2019 New Features Added support for Zebra's new MC3300R Android RFID devices. RFID Tag User Memory bank can now be set to Read/Write in ASCII or Hexadecimal independent of EPC format. New Conversion calcs added for converting Hex to ASCII and ASCII to...
  5. Joseph Kraebel

    Form Logic - Play Sound

    Hi, If you are using an Android device you can just put the name of the wav file (IE: Test.wav) in the Action Value field, then copy the wav file to the root of the Android file system (This would be at the same level that you see the tracerplus10 folder under). For Windows Mobile based...
  6. Joseph Kraebel

    Checkbox Afterscan

    Hi Courtney, I just looked at the project and see that the After Scan rule was set for the Cart or Contents checkbox which looks like it is setting values to other controls based on it being true or false. The After Scan takes place when the box is checked or unchecked in this case. If you...
  7. Joseph Kraebel

    TracerPlus 10.0 Release Notes (7/9/2018)

    10.0.0 Build 1673 - Initial Release - 7/9/2018 Bug Fixes TracerPlus Desktop Bugs: Transparent labels show as black in the form designer. Setting a Must Match validation but do not select a field does not set the compare field correctly. Publisher shows as installed after uninstalling if it is...
  8. Joseph Kraebel

    TracerPlus 10.0 Release Notes (7/9/2018)

    10.0.0 Build 1673 - Initial Release - 7/9/2018 New Features Full iOS support - Create apps for iPhones, iPads and iPods. Zebra TC20/RFD2000 RFID Sled Integration - TracerPlus supports all RFID functions of the RFD2000 RFID Sled. Zebra RFID RFD8500 now supports Barcode and RFID - This still...
  9. Joseph Kraebel

    Barcode scan volume control Motorola MC9190

    Hi Mark, Currently, TracerPlus does not have any functionality built in to control the volume of the scanner. In my personal experience I have not been able to control the volume of the scanner in general other than full sound or muting it all together by turning down all settings in the Sound...
  10. Joseph Kraebel

    Connect says 'no records found' even though there are records

    Hi Oliver, I just tried this in our sample database by creating a 2 field query off of a single table and this worked for me. Based on the error I am wondering if there is an issue with the Query. Maybe someone more familiar with Queries can chime in. Is this Query coming from tables local in...
  11. Joseph Kraebel

    Problems with live data grid

    Hi gpern83, I see that you have created a ticket with us for your issue and we will be reviewing. We will continue to work with you through the ticket however once we have a solution will post it to this forum.
  12. Joseph Kraebel

    SUM SQL Query In Same Session

    Hi Brady, I just replied to your ticket regarding the grid issue but wanted to clear up the SQL issues you are having. It appears you are using Live mode which custom SQL is not supported in and why you are seeing issues with it. SQL statements can only be executed on local data stored on the...
  13. Joseph Kraebel

    Custom Launcher, Icon (BMP) Placement

    Hi Jeff, I also wanted to mention that if you don't use the custom launcher feature, you can add custom icons for each session that is being used. To do this, click the image icon that is to the left of the session name and then choose the image you wish to use as the session's icon. These...
  14. Joseph Kraebel

    Moving from 9.2 to 9.5

    Hi Russ, I don't think any has been changed in core connect so I believe this would work however you would need to try it to make sure.
  15. Joseph Kraebel

    Grid Control Scrollable

    Hi Jeff, The current grid in android is not a vertical scrollable item. To flip through the items you will need to use the left and right arrows above the grid. I believe we are re-evaluating the grid control to look at a vertical scrolling option.
  16. Joseph Kraebel

    QR Code MC 319-Z

    Hi John, To confirm, you are trying to read a full size QR code and not the Micro QR code? Do you have an example of the barcode you are trying to read you can scan in and attach?
  17. Joseph Kraebel

    no validation on blank text field

    Hi Ben, I believe we addressed this in a ticket and was deemed to be a bug. I believe a build was sent with a fix.
  18. Joseph Kraebel

    Form size in TracerPlus Desktop equal to printed size

    Hi James, You would need to create a printer report file (.rpt) configured in your printers format and is also where you can configure how it is laid out. Depending on the printer you are printing to the more control you will have on the layout. For zebra printers you pretty much have free...
  19. Joseph Kraebel

    TracerPlus 9.5 Release Notes (1/31/2017)

    9.5.0 Build 1454 - Initial Release - 1/31/2017 New Features User Logins can now reference a TracerPlus session for login validation and logged in status Zebra RFD8500 RFID sled support added (Android Only) Publisher Site OEM licensing support added Full path to linked TP Desktop project now...
  20. Joseph Kraebel

    Tofu boxes showing in dropdown menus in mobile device

    Hi Gordon, This is a known issue that we have addressed in the latest build of TracerPlus Desktop posted to the site this afternoon. You can download the latest builds from the page below: