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    Loading Connect Profiles

    Hi, Sorry for my delay on this. It is true we do default to the user level My Documents folder but it should be noted that this should be changed if you are using the Windows Service since that does not always have access to a specific users My Docs folder. The change you made is what we...
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    Loading Connect Profiles

    Hi, My first thought involves the level to which TP Connect may have been installed or maybe how your user privileges on that machine are managed. The system files for TPC are stored in the \ProgramData folder and if that is locked or otherwise inaccessible, I think Windows creates roaming...
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    Update Dropdown from server files

    Ahh. It sounds like you may be running in Trial mode? If you are a subscription user, you do not need a license for TP Connect but you do need a no cost registration code. Do you have those registration codes entered on the TP Connect side as well as on the TracerPlus mobile side?
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    Update Dropdown from server files

    Hi Craig, There are 3 ways to populate drop down contents for TracerPlus and each has their own value. Item 2 is probably the best fit for your question. I would suggest checking out our TracerPlus channel on YouTube where there are a ton of videos describing how to sync data with TP Connect...
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    Form Logic - Custom Function to remove trailing spaces

    Hi, You are correct that we do not have a lot of samples of how to use custom script but I can outline some options here. 1. Instead of Custom Script, you could use the "ExecuteSQL" function to do something like "SELECT RTRIM('[*x*]',' '). In this example, you would replace x with the Field...
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    Drop Down Menu different size in Tracer Plus Desktop

    Hi Ed, I was going to suggest what you solved but also setting thte font size on teh assigned control to that drop down field should also help in this case.
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    Custom Icons

    Hi Ed, You can set the icons for each individual session from within TP Desktop if that is what you mean. If you wanted to change icons for the overall app, you could use the Publisher option within TP Desktop as a seperately purchased option.
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    Accidentally retired two Devices

    Hi Ed, I feel like you may have contacted us already on this but for anyone else....You would need to contact our support group to receive instruction on how to resolve this.
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    Combining sessions into tabs

    Hi Ed, This is not officially possible but you could, arguably, manually combine these session config files via text editor. There are a lot of reasons we would recommend against that but if the project was simple enough, it might be possible. The complications creep in when a given field in...
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    ODBC 32 System DSN question

    Hi Ed, This sounds like a question for our support folks to ask directly. I am not sure what might be causing that but if you are an authorized user of support, they should be able to help.
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    Total of one collumn from a live grid

    Hi Ed, If you are using a live grid of data meaning it is a real time display of items from a TP Connect server request, there is not an option to display a sum of these values from within TracerPlus Form designer, etc. If you were using a cached grid for collected RFID data (as an example)...
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    Filter for Code39 Barcodes and allow manual entry for same field.

    Sure thing. Let us know if you need anything else.
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    ODBC 32 System DSN question

    Hi Ed, A datasource entry is unique to each PC that is running TP Connect so if TP Connect is running on 2 different PCs, each of those PCs would need to have a 32 bit ODBC DSN entry configured to point to the database; even if the database is common to both PCs. Let me know if that makes...
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    Launch another session from a current session

    Hi, This is not currently possible though is often requested. We are working on it. One option to consider is the use of tabs/tab pages to control the idea of master/detail data entry. You would be effectively entering the data into the same session so it would not be a true master/detail...
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    SQL Insert/Update signature field

    HI, I do not think we can support custom SQL to do this. I am actually not sure if we store the byte level information for the signature directly in the DB or if it is an external file reference that is stored in the database. If it is a file reference, it would be tougher to do what you are...
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    Filter for Code39 Barcodes and allow manual entry for same field.

    Sure thing. Let us know how you make out.
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    get a future date added to a field after entering a date in a separate field

    Hi Ed, So, you can do this with the following settings below. 1. Define a field as Date Time and a formatter of yyy-MM-dd. 2. Define a 2nd field as NUMBER and place the default value of 365 in this field. You could evne make it read only 3. Define a 3rd field as Date Time and also make it...
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    Filter for Code39 Barcodes and allow manual entry for same field.

    Hi, There is an advanced section in the Proiject settings that would allow you to disable other Barcode types provided you are using a Zebra Mobile device. Arguably you could also use a Variable field to detect the InputType of a given field and use that in combination with the Code39...
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    Grid issue using button Done

    You should be able to set the Confirmation Prompt setting to False for the "Done" Button action. That sounds like it would work for what you are trying to do.
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    Grid issue using button Done

    Hi., It is a little bit hard to say without seeing your full project but my guess is that you are using the DONE button to leave the form and go back to the data viewer. When leaving the entry form and data has changed, you would be prompted to "Save record". If you say yes to that, it will...