Checkbox Afterscan


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Anyone know what an Afterscan event (used in the logic) on a checkbox would mean? What specifically triggers it if a checkbox could be skipped altogether?

Dan Peluso

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I am not sure afterscan on a checkbox would make sense as something to use in Form Logic. While I think it could work, it would be unusual in that you would need to be 'focused' on the checkbox and then 'tab' out of it which is not really a natural event on a mobile device.
A better option for tracking a checkbox clicked or not might be the "ValueChanged" event.

I am not as clear what you mean about "if a checkbox could be skipped altogether"?


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I agree. I've been trying to modify a program that Joe (JK) built and his form logic has a bunch of AfterScan events setup on a checkbox field, which doesn't make sense to me for the reason you just mentioned.

"skipped altogether" was meaning what you said...that for it to be effective it would need to be on focus and then tabbed out...otherwise the user could just ignore it and it would never have an AfterScan event unless I'm missing something.

Joseph Kraebel

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Hi Courtney,

I just looked at the project and see that the After Scan rule was set for the Cart or Contents checkbox which looks like it is setting values to other controls based on it being true or false. The After Scan takes place when the box is checked or unchecked in this case. If you start a new asset without touching this checkbox then nothing should happen with those rules.