Download of webinar project

Howard Heckman III

Staff member
The following demo application does contain some of the functionality you saw in the demo specifically the mass scanning of RFID tags and the geiger counter (tag locating) feature:

Also, the following Asset Tracking application shows how to setup a grid control that shows expected items in a location. This could help you setup am RFID form to show scanned versus not scanned RFID tags:

Let us know if this helps.


New Member
I'm a new user of tracerplus and I'm really interested by the app shown on this video, it is exactly what i need. Is there any way to get it?
I spent hours trying to achieve the same things based on several apps availablein the app library but in the end I'm not even close...
Let me know.

Dan Peluso

Staff member
Hi Matthieu,

Unfortunately, I was not able to locate this demo app used in the webinar. We do not always keep these videos as they are generally put together specifically for just a demo.

The solution center has a lot of decent demos as others have mentioned. Is there a specific function you are looking for. Also, you can always join our open office forums held every Tues/Thurs for an hour where one of our tech resources is available for any questions, etc. A lot of times, those forums are a good starting point to learn specifics on how to do things like you are asking about.

A link to the office hours and their times is here.