Form size in TracerPlus Desktop equal to printed size

James Allen

New Member
I'd like to replicate a Quality Control form used for evaluation of our products prior to shipment. I am currently using a MS Word form with blank fields that the requisite data is entered. Once complete; I print the form, initial my signature, and insert it into the carton. The customer receives the product with the evaluation report, and my personalized authentication of its data.

I have successfully replicated all the data fields on a TracerPlus Session, but how can I format those fields to print in a legible sequence and on a standard 8.5 x 11 pice of paper?

Joseph Kraebel

Staff member
Hi James,

You would need to create a printer report file (.rpt) configured in your printers format and is also where you can configure how it is laid out. Depending on the printer you are printing to the more control you will have on the layout. For zebra printers you pretty much have free reign over how everything looks, however since you mentioned 8 1/2" x 11", it sounds like you may be using a std desktop printer and not much control/formatting is available using a text format unless you are able to pass the printers code over.

More info on printing with TracerPlus can be found below: