Goto field not working


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Dear folks -

This seems pretty basic, but the goto field setting isn't working. Even though scanned data populates the form, you have to press the ENTER key to advance to the next field. What am I missing?

Howard Heckman III

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The most common cause for this not working is that there is no scan suffix setup in the scan wedge application on the device. For most barcode scanners TracerPlus relies on a scan wedge application running in the background that controls the scanner and enters scan data into any field that has focus. Since TracerPlus sees this as keyboard data it has no way of knowing that the data entry is complete and it doesn't jump to the goto field. To fix this you need to go into the scan wedge settings and turn on a scan suffix (sometimes called a post amble, or other name), and set this scan suffix to an Enter key. This way at the end of the barcode data an Enter key is sent to the field and TracerPlus then performs the after scan logic.

Let us know if this helps.


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Many thanks Howard ! - it's in DataWedge > Profiles > Basic Data Formatting > Send ENTER key

p.s. there's 3 profiles in DW: ProfileO (default), Launcher, and DWDemo. I changed the setting in all 3, although am thinking only had to do so in ProfileO

best -

pat o'b