GS1 Application Identifiers


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Hi I am wondering if Tracer Plus is able to decode a single barcode into elements when GS1 application identifiers are used?

Dan Peluso

Staff member

We do not have formal identifiers for the different GS1 components but we have had customers successfully use our calculated fields for parsing the scanned barcode into different discrete fields. The calculated fields in TracerPlus are pretty powerful in that they can parse data from a source field based on fixed index positions and/or prefix and suffix characters identifying the start/stop sequeneces.

We have a bunch of training videos available discussing many of the TracerPlus features. One in particular may be useful for your specific question as it relates to barcode parsing. The video linked below demonstrates how to use calculated fields in general. Parsing is discussed at roughly the 19:00 mark.

Other training videos are available on your youtube channel and also via in our support area.

Let me know if that helps.