Live connection slowing down - clearing app data helps for a while


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I've notice that after clearing application data using standard android application management, my app works significantly better/faster for some time. After a few days data lookup gets slower and more "record not found..." messages appear. Than i have to clear app data again (clearing cache is not enough). What could by the reason?
I have zebra and newland devices. My app connects with live profile. My TracerPlus version is
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Dan Peluso

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Hi Marcin,

I apologize for the delayed response so not sure if you have created a support ticket with us, but if not, that might be a good option. I cannot immediately think of a reason that clearing application data would improve performance in a live mode kind of connection but it could be that some configuration you have in your project is causing a cache of local data to the device and then allowing that to build up.

If you do create a ticket with us, attaching your TP Desktop project as an exported .tpe file is something we would likely ask for.