Live Lookups against SQL Database


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I have a few sessions that have 10 fields, One field being an asset tag that populates when scanned. Currently, I have the other 9 fields doing lookups against the local device on a master asset list table. That master asset list is populated via Connect and it comes from a SQL database. The end users have to update the database and then have that master asset list session updated.

What I want to do is eliminate the need for that asset list table and have those 9 fields do live looks up against the SQL database once an asset tag is scanned. I'm finding some material but I haven't found anything that shows how to configure this setup. Is it possible to make fields do live lookups against a SQL database once an item is scanned? Is so, is there an example or step-by-step process for that?


Dan Peluso

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I believe you also asked about this via our support channel. For the benefit of the group here, I will answer here as well.

When you set up a live session in TracerPlus to connect to a data table in TracerPlus Connect, there is not much you need to do on the TP Desktop side aside from enabling Live mode in the Project-->Connect-->Live Sessions configuration area.

For the lookups themselves, there is no setting that needs to be made in the field lookup configuration since it is just going to get the data from wherever the 'source' table is. If this is a local device table or if it resolves to a live connection via TracerPlus Connect, the lookup config itself is identical and no specific settings need to be made.

Let me know if that helps.


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I believe I have a similar question.

I am trying to have a form in TracerPlus auto-populate with data from a SQL Server after an RFID scan.

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Dan Peluso

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This should be possible in either live mode or a batch mode grid. As a first step, I always recommend setting up the Scan Session and the source lookup session as both batch files with some test data. Once that is confirmed as working, you can simply turn ON the live mode for each session as needed in the Project-->Connect settings within TracerPlus Desktop.

Here is one video that covers some of it but there are probably a few others that go into more specific detail

Let me know if that helps or if you have any additional questions.