SQL Insert/Update signature field


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Hi Guys,

How to write SQL to Insert/Update signature field from current session to another session?
In current session15 have signature field (Field5) and I want to insert the same signature into session16 (Field1). SQL script will be like this:

INSERT INTO Session16 (Field1) VALUES('[*4*]')

But, I'm noticed the signature value in Session16 will be stored as "(SIGNATURE EXISTS)" instead of BLOB.

Please help..
Thank you.

Dan Peluso

Staff member

I do not think we can support custom SQL to do this. I am actually not sure if we store the byte level information for the signature directly in the DB or if it is an external file reference that is stored in the database. If it is a file reference, it would be tougher to do what you are trying. If you have not already, you can try reaching out to our support folks to see if they have any other options to offer.