Total of one collumn from a live grid

Ed N

New Member
I have a session that shows the items when a "collection" is entered.
the Live grid displays the name of the item, the barcode of the item and the weight of the item. i would like to have a field on the form that shows the total weight for the items displayed in the live grid.\
is this possible?

Dan Peluso

Staff member
Hi Ed,

If you are using a live grid of data meaning it is a real time display of items from a TP Connect server request, there is not an option to display a sum of these values from within TracerPlus Form designer, etc. If you were using a cached grid for collected RFID data (as an example), there is an option for summing a column value however.

In your case, I think the idea of using Custom Script actions in the Form Designer-->Form Logic would be the way to go. Essentially, you would write a custom script to access the contents of your grid control and use JS functions to build a sum of the respective column/rows containing your weights