TracerPlus 8 custom app upgrade to TracerPlus 10


New Member
Hello. I have registered a new mobile device through an unused license. I now have to deploy my custom Asset Inventory app (developed on Tracerplus 8) on same. I would request for a documentation as to how to go about with same. I understand that the app need be upgraded to version 10. Is there other tasks I am missing out. Thank you for an update at the earliest as the asset inventory ought to have started earlier. Regards, Mohini

Dan Peluso

Staff member
Generally, an upgrade from an earlier version is as simple as opening the TP Desktop project in the newer version. Any updates/upgrades are generally handled in that process.

I would recommend making a backup of your v8 project because some of those changes are not reversible.
Also, since you are jumping more than one major version, just be sure to do a full cycle test of the features you are using to make sure things are working the same way. There are generally no issues but v8 to v10 is a large (ish) jump