TracerPlus 9.0 Release Notes (3/2/2015)

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9.0 New Features

  • TP Desktop/TP WM/Android -- Conditional Logic: Allows a huge amount of control over presentation and processing of data based on dynamic variables
  • TP Desktop/TP WM/Android -- Date Math: Allows for date addition/subtraction for calculations of things like expiration date, etc.
  • TP Desktop/TP WM/Android -- Drop Downs can now store a Database value independently from Display value: The idea that a selection like "Condition= New" can store a coded value like "1" to the database representing "New"
  • TP Desktop/TP WM/Android -- Added Average calculated function: Average any number of TracerPlus data fields.
  • TP Desktop/TP WM/Android -- Font size added to grid control: Control the font size on your data entry Grid Controls.
  • TP Desktop/TP WM/Android -- Toggle Input Button action: Control the input type of a field by using this button.
  • TP Desktop/TP WM/Android -- Custom Export Option: Export a custom file to a custom location on your device.
  • TP Connect -- Sync on Cradle/Connect: Device can not be configured to sync when first cradled, or when first connected to a wireless network.
  • TP Desktop -- Field import options from DB, Text, Excel data sources: Import your starting session field configurations from the above data sources. Quick way to have TP Desktop closely match your data structure in an existing database
  • TP Desktop -- Drop Down Item import options from DB, Text, Excel data sources: Quick way to import Drop Down items from an existing data source.
  • TP Connect -- UI redesign to match closer to TP Desktop: Allows a more consistent interface between the 2 applications
  • TP Android -- Form Auto Resize: Form will now auto scale on Android to best fit the screen.
  • TP WM/Android -- GPS averaging option to allow more accurate GPS data capture: Allows a user-configurable number of GPS 'samples' which provides a more accurate result.
  • TP Desktop -- Allows display of all control IDs on the form: Displays all control IDs on the form making it easier to interact with these controls in things like Conditional Logic.
  • TP Android -- Better handling/scaling of different screen sizes/resolutions: Android offers a much larger variety of screens/resolutions. It was a challenge in 8.x to represent these displays in a consistent way.
  • TP Desktop -- Add a form level controls 'lock' to prevent accidental moving of controls: Added onto the concept of 'locking' a control to now locking at the form level which locks all controls at once. Locking is very useful when designing large/complicated forms. It prevents accidental movement/change to existing controls.
  • TP Connect -- Salesforce plugin now allows targeting of sandbox environment: A user can now test his sync configurations in a Salesforce test environment before deploying to his live data. This functionality must be supported by the user's SF account level.
  • TP Desktop -- Add/Remove buttons added to Listbox and Radio button options: Added a more obvious way to add/remove items from a Dropdown list or radio button options
  • TP Connect -- Project load performance during sync improved/optimized: More improvements to caching of project information so it does not need to be reloaded every time a user requests to sync
  • TP Connect -- Sync Process can now be dragged: This can be used to drag a process from 1 profile to another.
  • TP Android -- Camera Scanner sizable: You can now control the size of the camera scanner, this is useful for larger display devices.
  • TP Android -- Grid columns can now be hidden: This will behavior similar to the width 0 for a column in TP WM.
  • TP WM/Android -- Added trigger field for Calculation Fields: Calculation Fields can now be triggered by another field.
  • TP Android -- SQL Variable implemented for Android
  • TP Android -- Number pad popup added: This behaves the same as the TP WM numpad popup.
  • TP Connect -- Allows convert of signatures to .jpg format: Signatures can now be stored as .jpg or as .png.
  • TP Connect -- Project import now allows selection of linked TP Desktop project if not found: Improves the usability of the import function of TP Connect.
  • TP Connect -- Progress bar added for project open

9.0 Bug Fixes

  • TP WM/Android: File export not appending field names in header correctly.
  • TP WM/Android: Pressing GO from Virtual keyboard caused TP to shutdown on some devices.
  • TP Desktop: Auto Scaling was changing fonts incorrectly when re-sizing a form.
  • TP WM/Android: Min length validation did not work for Radio Buttons.
  • Android: Launcher screen not scrollable.
  • Android: Grid control showed through signature and image pop-ups on some devices.
  • Android/WM: Smartform not triggering an Afterscan Event.
  • Android: Drop down items were not visible on some devices (white on white background).
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