Tracerplus Desktop : Increase the maximum number of fields from 100


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Hi Tracerplus,

Thanks for the fantastic support and development over the last few years, keep up the good work.

I have hit a snag with Tracerplus desktop in the max field limitation within any one session of 100. I was hoping to create a project for boiler room checks (of which we have 20) and each boiler room has upto 17 areas to check so already the numbers are far beyond the 100 item limit.

I've worked around it for now but if the limit could be increased to 1000 or removed altogether that would really allow a lot of room to grow and expand applications.

If this is not possible could you let me know the reasons so I can at least inform the powers that be of the cause please?

Many thanks,



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Hi Dave,

It is definitely possible to increase the maximum number of fields, but would have to see with your sales rep for a price customization.
In the meantime, you could also try to rearrange your fields in order to use less fields (could be 1 field for Boiler ID and another one for temperature)

Let us know if you have any further questions.