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I'm new the TracerPlus so this is probably a easy question, i have a session that contains all of the details of some assets, i've made that and its all fine, but i would like to have a session with the ability of selecting the users current location and scanning via RFID all of the assets and have this update them on the other session, but am struggling to figure out how to link the 2 any help would be appreciated.


Hi Ryan,

This is fairly easy to do but I understand it's not very obvious if you're new to TracerPlus.

In your new session you would need to add an additional field that looks up the location in the session that contains all the asset details. This field should be a lookup field, this means that in the 'lookup options' tab of your field properties, you check the "enable lookups" checkbox and create the lookup relationship, probably based on the asset tag.

You then specify the field that should be looked up, in this case the location field. Since you want to update that field in the original session, you will also want to check the "Update source" checkbox.


So far this is pretty straightforward, but we're not there yet. The way this would work, is that each time you scan an asset, the Location field would be filled in with the data that is in the Assets session. The user would then have to change the location to their current location, and then submit the record to have the location field updated. That's not very efficient.

Instead, we will make the 'Lookup Location' field a calculated field (under the 'General' tab in the field properties) and set it so that it takes whatever data is in the 'Location' field that the user selects.


Note that there is a 'Location' field where the user sets the current location, as well as a 'LocationLookup' field, that is linked to the Assets session and updates the information there. The LocationLookup field does not need to be visible to the user.

This way, if you set the 'Location' field to stay filled in after each scan (ie. uncheck the 'Clear on submit' checkbox in the 'After scan' tab), the Location field in the Assets session will be updated with the current location for each asset you scan, without having to manually change it for each asset.

There is a useful video on youtube about lookup fields in TracerPlus here. Now, I'm not sure if there are any other changes needed for this to work with RFID reading, I've not done that myself yet. But the concept would be the same.

Hope this helps!


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Hi thanks for your help would you be able to link me to a example as I cant seem to get this to work for me

Howard Heckman III

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Hi Ryan,

When mass scanning RFID tags, and you would like to update all of the records as having been scanned you might need to use the 'Record Update Options' in the Advanced section of the session. This causes any data in the session to be updated rather than appended as new, if it finds a matching record during the submit. If you Update based on the RFID tag you can mark all the rows that were scanned, and later maybe use this in a filter to see what you scanned versus missed.