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    Grid issue using button Done

    You should be able to set the Confirmation Prompt setting to False for the "Done" Button action. That sounds like it would work for what you are trying to do.
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    Grid issue using button Done

    Hi., It is a little bit hard to say without seeing your full project but my guess is that you are using the DONE button to leave the form and go back to the data viewer. When leaving the entry form and data has changed, you would be prompted to "Save record". If you say yes to that, it will...
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    TracerPlus 8 custom app upgrade to TracerPlus 10

    Hi, Generally, an upgrade from an earlier version is as simple as opening the TP Desktop project in the newer version. Any updates/upgrades are generally handled in that process. I would recommend making a backup of your v8 project because some of those changes are not reversible. Also...
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    Awesome Support!!

    Hi Ed, Thanks for the feedback. Glad we could help get you started.
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    Pinch to Zoom

    Thanks for the feedback. Maybe we could make it a settable option as not everyone wants that option turned on. I have added that as a feature request.
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    Check all fields for data before submit

    You could proabbly do that via Form Logic but a more built in way might be to just use Validation on each of the fields. Even setting a min length of the value to 1 could be enough to make sure something was least for most field types. Alternatively, you could still use Form Logic...
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    Rfid reader for a laundry application

    Hi, You would be best off reaching out to our sales group via email or form our site to review some of the options. There are ruggedized devices with built-in RFID readers but also Bluetooth enabled external readers that could be used with a standard cell phone like you mention. Our contact...
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    SQL Insert

    Hi, It sounds like you could use a Form Logic Event/Action to accomplish this. Form logic is available via the Form Designer in TP Desktop. It is the right most toolbar option. Once this is opened, you can define an event to use to trigger a given action. The given action in this case would...
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    Launching another session from another session

    Hi Kevin, Unfortunately, that is not currently possible. This has been requested before and is something we are looking to implement in the future. On a related side note, some people have had success using the Tab Control to strategically place their form controls to basically emulate page...
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    Logging in....

    Hi Julie, Your issue sounds similar to someone who came in with a support ticket recently so maybe it is the same but for the benefit of the group. If you make a change to your project in TP Desktop, you will always need to deploy that to the device before the change will be reflected on the...
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    Live Data Grid Filters

    Great news. Let us know if you need anything else.
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    Live Data Grid Filters

    You should be able to use the LIKE operator for the first filter question. You may need to include a "%" at the tail end of the "12345" to have it perform the way you ask though. I don't recall if TracerPlus puts that in there for you or not. If you needed to add it, you could just create a...
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    Live Profile and Lookup

    Hi Kevin, I can't think of a reason this would not work. I don't love Excel as a source of data for larger data sets in live mode but generally speaking this should work ok. I would take a look at your mappings in TP Connect and make sure you have defined a key field (usually just 1) along...
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    Hi, I am sorry you are running into that. Can you describe the plaform(Android, iOS, Windows Mobile) you are using and also the version of TracerPlus?
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    Hi, This is not currently possible to generate a .pdf from the mobile application though we do have some customers who are syncing their data to a cloud storage (hosted by us as an option) and that can generate a .pdf and deliver by email (as an example).