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Dear TP community -

Want to implement a "back" button on form and wondering if this is the right way to go.

Controls are arrayed vertically on form in desired order of data collection.

Control IDs appear to be auto-assigned in no particular order (e.g. first one on form = "25").

Users often want to back up one field to re-scan or otherwise re-set themselves in the sequence without having to poke the previous field (and buttons are nice and big enough to use with gloved hand)

Before I start breaking things that currently work fine, thinking if we re-number control IDs so that first one = "1" and so on, and add a button with action = "none" and goto control ID = "-1", will that work as desired?

Dan Peluso

Staff member

Sorry this is so late in reply.

Unfortunately, we use the "-1" attribute for Control IDs to indicate disabled/not configured.

Honestly, I can't think of a way to do this but do like the feature idea so I am going to promote it as a feature request for a future version.

Thanks. I apologize again for the late reply.