Barcode Validation

Jason Ingraham

New Member
I'm writing a very simple barcode comparison app. I just need to scan two barcodes, and when the second one gets scanned, check to see if it is equal to the first one. In the Field Settings for the second barcode, in the Validation tab, I have it set to Validate immediately. I also have it set to validate as equal to the first barcode. I have a custom validation error message and sound. No matter what I scan, it gives me an error. It doesn't seem to matter if the two scans match or do not match, or even if there is data in either one or not. Do I also need to add logic in the form to accomplish this? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Jason Ingraham

New Member
Apparently the issue was that I had Barcode type checked, and AllCodes selected. By unchecking that box, it now works. I think that as long as both fields have that setting the same, they will validate correctly, but if one is set and the other is not, they won't validate, regardless of the data.

Dan Peluso

Staff member

It sounds like you have this figured out but just to clarify...

From your original description, it really sounds like you would want to use the must Match "=" option for the 2nd field and set it to compare to the first barcode field. The barcode type is more related to the actual barcode type/font (Code 39, UPC, etc).