Button Open Different Session

Is it possible to have a button open a different session form and pass a variable to that form so it looks for specific data? For example, I want to click a machine button and open a form that shows what is running on that machine.
Thank you
Another thought: I tried to make clicking a button or field go to a control on another page but this is not working.
Does the OnClick work with fields, or is OnFocus used?
Can the GoToControl go to a control on another page?

Dan Peluso

Staff member

Unfortunately, this option is not possible at the moment. It is something people have requested in the past and we are currently reviewing some design options to implement it.

As an alternative, you may be able to use the tab control to create different tab pages that represent different types of 'forms' in a sense. Your 2nd comment is kind of along those lines.

For a Field, you are probably better off using the OnFocus event on a text field

The GoToControl can absolutely be used to move to another page and this is a common way to navigate tab pages.

Some of our users really successfully use the tab control/pages to recreate a type of multi session/multi form type experience.

Let us know if you have any followup questions on some of these ideas.