Cause an RFID tag write using the trigger MC319Z


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TracerPlus Community,

Currently my TracerPlus program executes an RFID tag write when the user presses a button; I want to change the RFID tag write to be caused when the user pulls the trigger of the Motorola MC319-Z RFID reader.
What is the identifier for the trigger on a handheld in TracerPlus?

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Howard Heckman III

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Hi John,

Unfortunately you cannot set a hot key property to the trigger on the RFID scanner. However, you might be able to get the affect you want by using the RFID Stop Goto Control ID. If you set this to the control ID of the Tag Write button it will click this button automatically when you release the trigger. You might also be able to set the Scan Stop property to Tag Read. This should give you the result that when you pull the trigger a tag is read, and the RFID read should stop, and then the Tag Write button is automatically clicked.

I haven't tried this myself but it could be a way to get the behavior at least close to what you are looking for.