Check all fields for data before submit

Gary M.

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I have a form that asks the user several questions. Answers are True or False using radio buttons. I'd like to check that all questions have an answer before submitting the record. I used Form Logic to check for blank values and then show a message. The message works but the record still submits. How can I get the record to not submit if all questions have not been answered?
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Dan Peluso

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You could proabbly do that via Form Logic but a more built in way might be to just use Validation on each of the fields. Even setting a min length of the value to 1 could be enough to make sure something was least for most field types. Alternatively, you could still use Form Logic but maybe combine it with the built in validation rules so that form logic would SET a value or not and use validation to make sure something was set.

Let me know if that makes sense.

Gary M.

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That worked perfectly! I set the the Validation for each field to a Min Length of 1. Thank you Dan.