Cipherlab 9700 Connecting to Windows 10


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I was having a problem connecting my Cipherlab 9700 to a Windows 10 PC. I am posting this in the event that another user runs into the same issue.

If you contact Ciperlab via their website they are pretty responsive. After getting info on the device's OS, they then sent me links to update the OS. However, in order to do the update I had to use a Windows 7 computer to connect. Once we updated the OS, the scanner still would not connect to windows 10 (It tied on 3 PCs). However, we made a few changes to the settings and this enabled us to connect:

Plug the cradle's USB cable into the computer
  • Wait to see if it connects and opens “Windows Mobile Device Center”
  • If not go to the scanner’s display
    • From the Start Menu (bottom left)
    • Go to Settings
    • Go to the System Folder
    • Go to the USB Connection Button
      • There are three choices (ActiveSync Advance Network Mode, Active Sync Serial Mode, and “Mass Storage – SD Card”)
      • Change the choice from “ActiveSync Advance Network Mode” to “Active Sync Serial Mode”
      • A dialog will appear and it will state it is trying to connect. One of two things happen (it works differently on two PC’s I tested on)
        • A. Windows Mobile Device Center opens automatically and it is connected.
        • B. The device says it is connected but Windows Mobile Device Center does not open on its own. If manually opened it will be connected.
      • It seems to stay connected for about 5 minutes then after a duration it auto disconnects. To fix this, disconnect and reattach the device and it will connect again.
According to the tech rep, it should be working in “ActiveSync Advance Network Mode”. When they try to change back from “Active Sync Serial Mode” to “ActiveSync Advance Network Mode” the connection closes and it will not connect. So, the work around is to keep it on the “Active Sync Serial Mode” for now. They will get in touch when they have a fix in place. But, at least it connects to allow me to do Trace Plus updates. I'll repost if they provide a fix.

Dan Peluso

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Thanks for that detailed write up. That goes above and beyond but that's what makes the TracerPlus community better than most, in my opinion. I will see that we can also add this to our FAQ/KB for anyone else who may run into this issue.

Thanks again.

Rick Anderson

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Will this work for Honeywell 7600? Can no longer connect to Windows Mobile Device Center with scanner. WMDC used to open automatically when connecting the scanner in cradle to PC. Using Windows 7 and 8.1

Dan Peluso

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I have found this post to be helpful for multiple devices but cannot say for sure if it will work for the Honeywell 7600. There may be drivers required from Honeywell that are compatible to Windows 10 if the above does not help.