Connect Support for TP Publisher with Multiple Apps

Tim Harvey

New Member
With the TracerPlus Publisher version I am able to create multiple apps that one on one device. The question is how do I setup TP Connect to sync with multiple apps at the same time?

For example: I recently had 3 apps developed with TP Publisher deployed to a Windows Mobile device. One of them was the regular TracerPlus 9 and the app was deployed with the TP Desktop, the other two were apps developed with TP Desktop Publisher with different Application names. I can run any of the three on the WM device and they all have their own separate databases.

But when I try to use TP Connect to sync with the different apps it only seem to sync with the app running the regular TracerPlus 9. What settings do I need to make to have TP Connect sync with the other two apps?

Dan Peluso

Staff member
Hi Tim,

One quick question: Are you trying to sync from the device via a Sync button or are you trying to use the Sync All/Sync Selected option within TracerPlus Connect itself?

You may want to initiate a support ticket on our side because I imagine our support reps will want to take a look at at least one of the publisher projects to see if one of the settings may be conflicting.

Tim Harvey

New Member
I was trying to use the TracerPlus Connect software itself. Since then I spoke to one of your support reps and he said that using the Sync option in TracerPlus Connect software is not supported when you are using TP Publisher. For TP Publisher apps you must use buttons with the DoSync action. If you use the TP Connect software Sync option you will get an error that the database can't be found on the mobile.
If this is the case then we need some way to disable the Synchronize option in TP Connect so the end user doesn't attempt it.

Also in this same issue, we do all of our sync operations through batch. TP support group says you can setup the TP Connect service to do this so the end user doesn't have to open TP Connect to the right project before pressing the sync buttons on the mobile device. I've tried every configuration for setting up the host in TP Publisher and the preferences in TP Connect that I can think of but once I exit out of TP Connect even though the TP Connect Server is still running it doesn't work - shows a connection error on the portable. The customer has to open TP Connect to the project and the go back to the USB cabled mobile and select the buttons configured to the DoSync profiles. If you have exactly what these setting should be in both the TP Publisher and TP Connect that would be great.