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We are creating an app that will first capture a username and warehouse number (both barcodes), then have a menu for four barcode scanning scenarios. I have a couple of questions before I proceed with TracerPlus:

- Can I have the app start with a login screen with custom fields? These should be exported with the rest of the data. As far as I can see there is a login screen but only a username can be captured for export with the rest of the data.
- After inputting the two fields on the login screen, can I display a choice of 4 different pages? For example one is Incoming Unit that will export as [username (from login),warehouse_no (from login),unit number, location number]

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The login screen cannot be customized but you could use the entry form to create a similar effect to logins and use tab(page) navigation to move the users around among different tabs(pages) as appropriate. You would want to implement this via a combination of Navigation buttons on the form and probably some level of form logic available from the Form Designer.


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Thank you, I'll try out that sample app. Each process needs a separate export - Incoming Unit as one .csv with warehouse + username appended, Outgoing Unit as another .csv with warehouse + username appended.

I was also wondering if I can have the .csv files automatically transfer to a folder on a PC when it's docked via USB. Or I could write a batch script to do it.


The easiest way I can think of to achieve this in TracerPlus is just to have 2 seperate sessions for the incoming and outgoing units, and have the user "log in" (ie. scan a username and warehouse number) in each session as he/she uses them.

I've attached a sample project that you can import to see what I mean.

Regarding the automatic transferring of .csv files, if I remember correctly you can set up Windows Mobile Device Center to automatically sync specified files from a device to a folder on the PC as soon as the device is connected, but these files will always be placed in a "Libraries\Documents\Documents on <devicename>" folder; it is not possible to have them placed in a different folder of your choosing.

If you want more flexibility for syncing your mobile data then TracerPlus Connect is the way to go. With Connect, you can have the data synced to a file in a location of your choosing, among other things.

EDIT: you will want to turn "Clear on submit" OFF for the Username and Warehouse fields, of course.


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Thank you, this implementation will work well enough.

I'll use Windows Mobile Device Centre to take off the files and then have a batch script to retrieve them from that Documents folder and copy them to our server.