Custom Launcher, Icon (BMP) Placement

Jeff Benefiel

New Member
TC700H w/ Android 4.4.1
Can Android use custom icons in the custom launcher?
If so, where? In the TracerPlus Desktop User Guide it states to place them in "\My Documents\TracerPlus9\SystemInfo\Skins" folder. There was no such folder in our Android device. So I created it and placed the icon files there. I also tried "\tracerplus9\systeminfo\system" with no luck.

Folder Structure
TracerPlus Dir Tree.png

Dan Peluso

Staff member

I apologize for the late response. Android does not yet support the concept of custom icons in the Launcher. I was under the impression this was highlighted in the User Guide but I have created a request on our side to be sure that it is.

Joseph Kraebel

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Hi Jeff,

I also wanted to mention that if you don't use the custom launcher feature, you can add custom icons for each session that is being used. To do this, click the image icon that is to the left of the session name and then choose the image you wish to use as the session's icon. These images can be of any format if using Android and are only restricted to .bmp for windows devices. When you deploy the project, these images will be sent to the device and you should see the new icons in your TracerPlus program.