Event Log - Size Limit

Jeff Benefiel

New Member
Is there a size limit put in place for the Event Log file? I am using Verbose logging and when the file reaches 1MB it stops recording more entries in the file.
Now, I am running not running the latest Connect software, only version Would updating the software clear this issue or not? This is on a Windows 7 computer for the time being.
I use the logs to help verify connectivity and data transfer.

I wrote a powershell script to backup the file when it is over 900KB and use task schedule to check every hour on the hour. The only issue I run into is if the file is being written to while my script is backing up and clearing the log file, it stops writing to the file.

Here is my script: I tried to implement a check for change, but it is not working.
# PowerShell script to backup and clear the Tracerplus Connect log file

$TPC9lg ="C:\ProgramData\PTS\TracerPlus Connect\SystemInfo\System\tpc9_eventlog.txt"
Write-Host "Checking File"
if ((Get-Item $TPC9lg).length / 1000 -lt 900) {
    Write-Host "No Backup Required, Exiting"

$LastLength = 1
$NewLength = (Get-Item $FileName).length
while ($NewLength -ne $LastLength) {
   $LastLength = $NewLength
   Start-Sleep -Seconds 1
   $NewLength = (Get-Item $FileName).length

$DoBU = get-date -Format "-HHmm-MMddyy"
$FileNM = "tpc9_backup-" + $DoBU + ".txt"
$buDest ="C:\ProgramData\PTS\TracerPlus Connect\SystemInfo\System\$($FileNM)"
Copy-Item -Path $TPC9lg -Destination $buDest
Clear-Content $TPC9lg
Write-Host "Backup Finished"

Howard Heckman III

Staff member
Hi Jeff,

You shouldn't have to write a script like this. There is a limit to the event log size, but when it reaches that limit it should rename the existing file and start a new one automatically. So, there should be no loss in the log entries recorded no matter the size.

Let me know if you are not seeing this.

Jeff Benefiel

New Member
This fixed the issue I was having. Thank you!!

Now looking into a way to decipher the data coming from the log that is being transmitted...