field not retaining data


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The second-to-last field in a session form (field control id 33) isn't retaining data. What happens when we complete the final field (which is the auto-submit), the error says to re-scan 33, with focus set to that control.

This session is not atypical from any of our others where the final field is typically the auto-submit. When you type into field 33 and press <ENTER>, you can see the data disappear (this went unnoticed when data was scanned into the field). Attempting to complete the record with data typed into the final field gives the above error.

In Field Settings, all the after-scan boxes are un-checked for this field.

In Form Logic, there's a bunch of rules set up in all our sessions, which typically follow this format:

On Focus = set back color (yellow)
Lost Focus = set back color (clear)
On Focus = refresh

In operation, when field 33 loses focus via <ENTER>, it resets color to clear as intended, but also refreshes, which is not intended (all the several preceding fields work as intended, i.e. retaining data until regaining focus.

What am I missing?


Dan Peluso

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It is hard to say what might be happening but at a first glance, I would zoom in on the Refresh in form logic idea. If you set a field to refresh and the default value is blank, this would likely clear the field (depending on some other settings but generally so).

As a test, you could try disabling some of the form logic items that you suspect as the cause and see if that gets you anywhere. It may not be obvious but any of the form logic entries can be disabled toward the bottom of the form logic screen itself.

Let me know if that helps.


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Thanks Dan -

It appears to have turned out that in the Form Logic, the Action Controls (by ID) column didn't match the Event Control for the field. What was going on was that the Action Controls setting (33) for that second-to-last field which was malfunctioning was also assigned to the dead-last field (39), so the Event Control ID for field 39 matched field 33.

Upon changing the setting for the dead-last field so that it matched the Event Control, it now works.

Thanks for your help!