Filtering of items from a dropdown list and hiding some

Blaise Kudatugu

New Member
We are currently working on Assets Tagging/Tracking project which consists of the following forms;

- Data entry form

- Retrieval form

We are actually using your CONNECT license to synchronize all assets data from excel sheet into the scanner “Motorola MC920xxx.” And then scan barcodes and assign to each asset on the list. It is working quite well, but we are now facing a challenge regarding all assets that we have assigned a unique barcode. Basically we want to hide all assets which we have assigned a barcode to it from the assets dropdown list, this way human errors will be prevent so that the user won’t assign a barcode to an asset which already has a barcode.

Do you know if it’s possible for us to filter the assets list so that it only shows/populate the assets which doesn’t have a unique barcode yet?

In case there is another methodology for us to go around it, kindly advise.

Dan Peluso

Staff member

You should be able to sync that Excel sheet to the device and only send rows where AssetID = "". This filter is settable via the TP Connect Source configuration under the Options tab.

Let me know if that helps.