Form Design

Jeff Benefiel

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1. Button behavior/action GotoPage, what is entered in the GotoPage field to change to that page?
a. The tab name
b. A number corresponding to the tab
2. Form Logic, Action GotoPage, what is entered in the Action Value?
3. Grid and Tab, can the data grid be placed on a tab different from the fields to be able to tab to it?


1 and 2: The pages are zero-indexed, so to go to the first tab, enter 0; to go the the second tab, enter 1; and so on.

3: I'm not sure what you're asking, can you describe your scenario a little more?

Jeff Benefiel

New Member
Thank you for the info for 1 and 2. I also found out that you can use +1 to increment and -1 to decrement the tab view.
3. I also found out that this is possible.
Example: 2 tabs, tab 1 has all the entry fields and tab 2 has a Grid Control displaying the sessions data.