Form Logic and Lookups


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Does form logic override what is setup in the field settings?

I have four fields in a session set to enable lookups on another session. I also have ExecuteSQLs in the form logic to do the same...I cannot get the fields to actually lookup consistently.

I've tried:
1) enable lookups in field settings = false AND ExecuteSQLs enabled in the form logic
2) enable lookups in field settings = true AND ExecuteSQLs disabled in the form logic
3) both field settings and form logic set to look them up.

Cannot get them to pull the values.

Dan Peluso

Staff member

TracerPlus is likely doing the defined lookups first and then firing off the ExecuteSQL. Some of this will be dictated by which event is firing the ExecuteSQL but that is my bet.

Why they are not firing consistently is not as clear. Lookups generally fire based on the defined "Trigger Field". This field is typically the last field defined in the Relationships grid. Once the data in that last field is entered and an AfterScan even happens (barcode scan, Enter/Tab Key). the lookup should happen.

If I had to guess, your lookups and form logic may be suffering from missing a data changed/After Scan event. If you can provide more info on how the user is navigating the form and entering data, I might be able to narrow it down some.