Form Logic and ShowMessage problem

Peter N

New Member

I'm performing validation on my form prior to starting scanning.
I'm checking for valid fieds (all good) and if any of them are blank I'm displaying a messagebox.
But the focus is not set to the proper field after the message. It just performs the action.
I thought by setting the "Action Controls" to the offending Control ID it would not perform the click.

Any help is appreciated.


Dan Peluso

Staff member

I feel like the best way to do this would involve the actual validation settings themselves. There is a setting in the Field Validation area called "Goto Field on Error". Settings this should set focus to whichever field you assign regardless of which field caused the validation error to occur.

It sounds like you are using Form Logic to do this validation. This should be ok but may, in fact, be affecting the more specific control feature within the Field Validation settings themselves.

Let me know if I understood that correctly.