Grid sorting


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Hi, I am doing a simple proof of concept for my company using TracerPlus to see if this technology will work for us. I am having an issue with the sorting of the grid.

I have made a simple form that displays a list of numbers in a grid and this list should be sorted small to large. The only hardware I have at the moment to test this with are android tablets. The from works fine except it won't sort the list. If I deploy this to the Windows Mobile emulator it will sort as intended.

Is there an issue with sorting on Android or a different procedure to sort the list?



Corey Hagewood

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Hi Richard,

I just did a quick test on one our Android devices and it looks like both the Data view grid and the Grid Control are sorting correctly.

In order to sort, you need to select the Text on the column. This will initiate the sort on that column. Clicking in the Grid box but not on the text will not work.

Can you provide additional information about the Grid you are trying to sort?


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Hi Corey,

The grid is very simple. It has one column and gets it's data from the only field on the form. I am trying to make this very simple to demonstrate a sorted list on the tablet.

If I select the column title I see the sort icon changing but the list still stays unsorted. If I go to the view data tab the list there will sort but I want the live data to sort as well.

The thing I find strange is if I deploy this same app to the windows emulator it will sort automatically and works exactly how I want it. On the android tablet the same app doesn't work the same. I have tried this on two Galaxy Tab 4's as well as my Galaxy S6 phone if that helps.

Let me know if there are any details I can provide.