Grouping Controls in Form Designer

Andrew S

New Member
It would be great to have a "Control Group" field for controls in the form designer that have visibility-related fields (visible, foreground/background colors, fonts etc.). That way it would be very simple to manage multiple fields simultaneously using Form Logic. Currently I have a project where I need to show/hide 12 fields simultaneously and therefore I have 12 Form Logic entries to manage this process. Being able to group fields would reduce this to a single Form Logic rule, making readability and support simpler.

Dan Peluso

Staff member
Thanks for the feedback on this. This is a good idea. We have something similar we are working on that involves grouping of controls and also allows for customizable tree views of the form logic items so that they can be sorted/nested based on custom criteria (like group id and/or event type, action type, etc,etc).

Phil Freed

New Member
A quick note: I'm not sure when this became available -- but for certain actions, it is possible to enter a comma-delimited list of control IDs in the Action Controls field. You could, for instance, have a logic rule that does this:
SetVisible 10,14,32,35 True

It's not as good as control groups since you will have to enter (and maintain) the list of IDs in multiple form logic rules, but it is still way better than having to create a separate line for each affected control.