image control: how show image from device? how sync images?

Ben Lam

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Hi, I'm new to TracerPlus, learning it, and like it so far. I have watched all the training videos and read the documentation.

Device is windows mobile MC3200.

I set the 'SourceField' for the image control to a calculated field which contains the file path to the image I want to show: \My Documents\000001.jpg but the image doesn't show.

Do I have to do something to the image control to tell it to load the image?

Can I set the image file path like this?

We have hundreds of JPG files named <barcode>.jpg and what we want to do is when user scans a barcode, see if <barcode>.jpg exists and if so show it in the image control. The image is a picture of the product corresponding to the barcode. Sometimes these JPG files will be added to/updated/removed.

Can we use Connect to sync the JPG files somehow?

If not I'm thinking we could use Windows Mobile Device Center to sync the JPG files but in the case of having multiple devices we would have to make sure each device sync folder on the PC has the same image files.

Thank you kindly,

Howard Heckman III

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Hi Ben,

To set this up you will want to add an image to your form, and set its source field property to be an image field in your field settings. Next you would want to configure a lookup using the Field Settings->Lookup Options tab to find the image based on the barcode scanned.

Finally you will need to get the images on the handheld. All images that are pulled into a field on your form should be located in the following directory on the handheld \Program Files\TracerPlus9\Data\_Sys\ The easiest way to push the images to the handheld would be to use our TracerPlus Connect software. This would allow you to map an image field in your database to the image field in your TracerPlus session located on the handheld.

Please let us know if this helps.

Ben Lam

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Thanks Howard,

I talked to Joseph in an open office session and he was able to answer my questions.

Thanks so much for your help and also for offering open office, that is very cool personalized support.