Ray Cote

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A native integration to a Ugrokit unit would be a winner. Instead of having to buy a $4000 dollar Motorola device.

Brad Horn


Thanks for the question. PTS does actually integrate into UGrok It .. at least I believe it is in version 8.0 and it may be in 9.0? Unfortunately UGrokit never got the traction we / they anticipated because the offerings for devices to connect to the sled were not the best.

On a more positive note there is an entire system for under 2k w/ scanner, mobile device, Tracerplus and training on . This is for app creators that want to get started on the android platform with RFID!!

Ray Cote

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I have deployed U Grokit units through out our organization but some users want a little more flexibility than Ugrokits Demo has to offer. I have tried TP ver9 but it doesn't seem to work wedge or otherwise.
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